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For HR Leaders

At the request of the North American Division (NAD) employers, Adventist Risk Management (ARM) is implementing a redesign of the NAD health plans. The 2018 health plans include a more robust whole-person care program designed to support health plan members by:

  • Enhancing mind, body and spirit
  • Encouraging positive life choices
  • Investing in them

Partnering with Adventist Health

The redesign of this important employee benefit is in line with our distinctive Seventh-day Adventist health message. ARM has partnered with Adventist Health, the church’s health system on the west coast, which is uniquely positioned to support the NAD because it:

  • Is culturally aligned with Seventh-day Adventist heritage and values
  • Underwent a similar and very successful redesign in 2013 of its health plans for more than 32,000 covered lives
  • Has recently received multiple, national workplace wellness awards
  • Engages a dedicated, fully-integrated care coordination team with the expertise that benefits the NAD health plan members

Communication Timeline

Communication Plan


  • Brochure
  • Point
  • Glossary members
  • 2018 Plan Comparisson Summary
  • Accelerate Plan summary
  • Access Plan summary
  • 2018 Open Enrollment Applicatio
  • 2018 Health Exchange Notice
  • 2018 Plan Guide
  • Open enrollment flyer 2018
  • HR_Checklist ARM Open Enrollment
  • How to Upload Document to Bswift
  • Sample Letter Employer to Employee 2018

2018 FAQs for Employers
Ascend To Wholeness Healthcare Plans

Communication Issues

Whom do we contact for questions?
How do we schedule a presentation for our employees?
How do we get the handouts and stretch band giveaway items that we saw at the NAD HR Conference?
How will the “permission for direct contact” be used?


What happens with the current points/rewards system?
What is being done to make the activity points easy to understand?
How will the biometrics screenings be done?
What happens to our organization’s wellness program that is already in place?
Why am I already hearing about qualifying requirements for 2019?

The Plans

Can we offer the Accelerate Plan exclusively?
How can someone, whom I have never seen, provide the appropriate coaching about my particular medical situation?
Is there a way that my personal care provider can substitute for a local health coach or my choosing, or do I have to use a health coach assigned by a random review of my biometric screening?
What about Out of Network providers in 2018?

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