What is Ascend to Wholeness?
What prompted the new plans?
What are the new plans?
Who is providing these new services?


What are my health plan choices? What is changing?
What does the Accelerate Plan require?
What do biometrics screenings involve?
What is a wellness assessment?
What are activity points and how do I earn them?
What points are required in 2018 to enroll in the Accelerate Plan for 2019?
What is health coaching and care coordination?


Will my employer have access to my health information?

Important Deadlines

When do benefit changes take effect?
What if I forget to enroll or miss the deadline? Will I end up having no health coverage?


Can my spouse be on a different plan? For example, may I choose the Accelerate Plan, while my spouse enrolls in the Access Plan?
Do my children need to meet the wellness requirements for the Accelerate Plan?

Costs, Coverages & OUT-OF-POCKET

How much will my monthly contribution rate be?
What is an out-of-pocket maximum?
Are my out-of-pocket costs for medical coverage going up?
Will it cost more for my prescriptions?
Will there still be a vision and dental benefit?
Can I change my coverage after open enrollment?
Am I able to continue seeing my current doctor?
Can I go to any hospital I want?

Additional Information

How do I find details of what is covered under each plan in order to make an informed decision?
Is this focus on plan redesign and wellness about saving money?
Are these plans intended to “ration” care?

Member Services

Will my HR representative still be able to help me when I have questions about my benefits or will I have to call a centralized number?