Communication Issues

  • Whom do we contact for questions?

    For questions about your healthcare plan(s), please email



  • How do we schedule a presentation for our employees?

    Please contact your Adventist Risk Management (ARM) Account Executive or email We will be happy to review your request and coordinate with you for the best solution for your employee meeting presentation. Large groups (50+ employees) We will coordinate as schedules permit.

    Smaller groups (Less than 50) We are happy to arrange a personalized webinar/video conference meeting. We also record a webinar version of our presentations which can be shared via web.
  • How do we get giveaways Ascend to Wholeness uses to promote the Healthcare plans in our Conference?

    Visit the Ascend to Wholeness store. ARM and the Ascend to Wholeness Healthcare Plans receive no money from your purchase of promotional items. This store is provided as a resource for you.

  • How will the “permission for direct contact” be used?

    This communication would include direct mail pieces so that health plan members and their families can have the plan summary and FAQ information conveniently at their homes. The permission would also allow us to connect with them via email, so they can be alerted to upcoming milestones such as the biometrics screening process, wellness topics, webinars about the plans, and how they can take advantage of the many resources and opportunities now offered to them and families.

    During open enrollment the members/spouses will choose either the Accelerate Plan or Access Plan for 2019 accordingly to their eligibility. If they choose the Accelerate Plan, they are agreeing to participate in care coordination. Adventist Health will provide coaching and information to address specific health concerns, based on data from the biometrics screening and wellness assessment. When health plan members sign up on the Ascend to Wholeness portal (a requirement for those on the Accelerate Plan), they will be asked to provide an email addresses and phone number to be used to contact them about additional free resources such as exercise challenges, newsletters, etc.


  • What is being done to make the activity points easy to understand?

    Points are easy to earn! 

    Start by:

    • Participating in the free Biometric Screening offered through your employer by July 31 (60 points).
    • Taking a Wellness Assessment online by July 31 (60 points). 
    • Completing Wellness Activities by July 31 (80 points).
    Points can easily be accrued through:
    • Preventive care such as dental cleaning, an annual physical exam, or vaccinations.
    • Healthy lifestyle habits, including tracking your steps, exercise, water intake or food and weight logs.
    • Wellness webinars that span an array of important and informative health topics.
    Choose the activities you enjoy that meet your specific needs.
    There are options for everyone!
  • How will the biometrics screenings be done?

    The way most members choose to complete their biometric screening is to attend an on-site event coordinated by the Plan at locations across the United States. The on-site biometric screening event is the most popular option and takes approximately 20 minutes. For your convenience, you can schedule your appointment online.

    If you are unable to attend an on-site event, talk to your employer about other options such as using a LabCorp location, or a doctor’s office. 

    At the on-site events, a simple finger stick produces enough blood for testing. At the end of the on-site screening, a health coach is usually available to review your results with you and ensure you understand what your numbers mean. If you are concerned about abnormal biometric results, you may also consult an Adventist Health coach.

  • What happens to our organization’s wellness program that is already in place?

    Several NAD employers have developed robust wellness programs and we are confident Ascend to Wholeness will be complementary to those efforts. We will be reaching out to employers to find out more about their existing wellness programs so that we can determine how these programs can work synergistically.
  • Why am I already hearing about qualifying requirements for 2020?

    Members are required to earn 200 points in 2018 to qualify for the Accelerate Plan in 2019. Similarily, as an Accelerate Plan member, you (and your covered spouse if applicable), must each earn 200 points in 2019 to qualify for the 2020 plan. If one of you does not reach the 200 points, both of you will be defaulted to the Access plan in the next Open Enrollment. You may start earning your Activities Points on September 1, 2018 and continue to earn points until July 31, 2019 to meet your 2020 requirements for Activities points.

  • If a new employee comes from a different conference, will their points transfer to their new conference? 

    It all depends. Yes, if the policy holder is still the employee, everything transfers over. However, if the social security number is entered wrong or if the spouse becomes the policy holder, then it creates a new member ID so they will need to create a new account and earn the required points under the new account.

The Plans

  • Can we offer the Accelerate Plan exclusively?

    The Accelerate Plan clearly provides the most value with lower out of pocket maximums, in addition to all the benefits from the biometric screening and integrated care coordination. However, employers are not allowed to force an employee to choose a plan with these requirements. Employees must be given the option to enroll in a plan that does not require biometrics screenings and the other participation requirements.


    Therefore, it is critical we collectively communicate the advantages of the Accelerate Plan to employees and their families. They would be missing out on the best value if they chose the Access Plan. This is particularly true for 2018 where members will be automatically enrolled in the Accelerate Plan without having to meet any points requirements.

    It would be unfortunate for some to choose the Access Plan out of fear of change or misperceptions about the activity points and care coordination. This is another reason why ARM would like to have permission to reach out directly to health plan members in order to augment the communication by each employer.

  • How can someone, whom I have never seen, provide the appropriate coaching about my particular medical situation?

    Each health plan member will have a biometrics screening which will collect data such as cholesterol, body mass index numbers and blood sugar. In addition, each member also will complete an on-line wellness assessment in a secure portal. The information from both sources will be shared with our Adventist Health team. With this information, various healthcare professionals will reach out to members as needed with specific issues to assist them in living healthier lifestyles. For example, if my results showed I was pre-diabetic, they would coach me on lifestyle changes that could prevent me from becoming diabetic. If my results show I’m already diabetic and on medication they will work with me as well. The Adventist Health team members also will have access to claims and pre-authorization data. If they pick up in the data that I have claims related to cancer, they will reach out and talk me through what to expect and assist with the treatment process.


    The Adventist Health team has a medical director on staff who will be advocating as needed with the doctors and other providers in our network on the best treatments for the best outcomes for our health plan members.

  • Is there a way that my personal care provider can substitute for a local health coach or my choosing, or do I have to use a health coach assigned by a random review of my biometric screening?

    Your personal doctor is always your first contact for your health. However, the Adventist Health team is advocating on behalf of you as a health plan member, and has had a very successful experience doing this for over 32,000 members covered by its own health plan. It would be foolish not to take advantage of the advice and expertise they can provide.


    Ascend to Wholeness is an activity-based wellness program as opposed to a results-based program. This means that we as employees/spouses must agree to engage with the Adventist Health team. If for example, the results of my biometrics screening reveal that I’m 40lbs overweight, the Adventist Health team will discuss with me lifestyle changes to lose weight. If at the end of the year, I have not lost 40lbs, that does not prevent me from remaining in the program the next year. The key is that I’m participating in the program.

    NOTE: The results from other Adventist health care employers across the country show that employees/spouses choose to be engaged once they have these kinds of resources made available to them. By participating in the wellness programs and care coordination, they have enjoyed positive lifestyle changes and improved health.

  • What about Out of Network providers in 2019?

    Our preferred provider network for medical (Aetna Signature Administrators PPO) is not changing. However, please note all non-emergency, out-of-network care in 2019 still requires prior-authorization. If specialized care is unavailable in-network, Adventist Health member services will help you complete an out-of-network service request. To get started, call 888-276-4732.

    NOTE: It is your responsibility to confirm the facilities and providers you use are in-network. If you go out of network without prior-authorization from the Plan, charges will not be covered. To search for an in-network provider, visit


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