Ascend To Wholeness

The Accelerate Plan

Offers industry-best practice benefits at the best value in exchange for activity-based member engagement, integrated wellness and care coordination in partnership with Adventist Health. This plan also adds lifestyle management programs such as CHIP, Full Plate and Weight Watchers.

Ascend To Wholeness

The Access Plan

Provides quality, market-competitive benefits but no requirement for participation from members.



  • What are my health plan choices? 

    Effective January 1, 2018, the NAD is offering you two health plan choices which include exciting new features and enhanced customer service:

    The Accelerate Plan — offers industry-best practice benefits at the best value, in exchange for your engagement in the Ascend to Wholeness program, and activities such as integrated wellness and care coordination. This plan also incorporates lifestyle management programs such as CHIP, Full Plate and Weight Watchers.

    The Access Plan — provides quality, market-competitive benefits but requires no healthy lifestyle participation from plan members.

  • What does the Accelerate Plan require?

    Requirements for the Accelerate Plan help identify and reduce health risks to help you feel your best. Biometric screenings, wellness assessments, and health coaching are free and confidential. As an Accelerate Plan member, you (and your covered spouse if applicable), must each earn 200 points to qualify for the 2020 plan. If one of you does not reach the 200 points both of you will be defaulted to the Access plan in the next Open Enrollment.

    The requirements and related points are: 

    • biometrics screening (60 points)
    • online wellness assessment (60 points)
    • activity points (80)
    • participation in personalized health coaching and/or care coordination when suggested
  • What do biometrics screenings involve?

    Biometrics screenings are free confidential screenings for all Access and Accelerate plan members and their spouses. Screenings include total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, height and weight, and BMI (Body Mass Index). You will receive further information regarding how and when to complete your biometrics screening.
  • What are activity points and how do I earn them?

    You can easily accrue the 80 activity points by engaging in your choice of a wide range of activities including:

    • Preventive care such as dental cleaning, an annual physical exam, Mammograms, Colonoscopy or vaccinations
    • Healthy lifestyle habits including tracking your steps, exercise, water intake or food and weight logs
    • Wellness webinars which span an array of important and informative health topics
    Choose activities you enjoy which meet your specific needs.
    There are options for everyone!
  • What is a wellness assessment?

    Along with the biometric screening, the secure online wellness assessment helps identify risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other conditions often preventable with lifestyle changes. This personal health questionnaire helps you learn what you’re doing right, track your progress and set health goals. The assessment is easy and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will receive an actionable wellness plan based on your responses.

  • What is Care Management and Health Coaching?

    Confidential health coaching and care management are available to all Accelerate and Access plan members. If you are at risk for serious or potentially serious health issues, the Accelerate Plan requires you to participate in confidential care management. This free, phone-based program provides education and support through one-on-one health coaching. You will learn how to reduce risk, identify resources, overcome barriers and set goals to make lifestyle changes and improve your health. 

    If you or your family are enrolled in the Accelerate Plan and are contacted by care management but choose not to participate, you and your family will be moved to the Access Plan for the following year. You also may be contacted with an offer of confidential health coaching and care management services, available to all Accelerate and Access plan members.


  • What points are required in 2018 to enroll in the Accelerate Plan for 2019?

    To be eligible for the 2019 Accelerate Plan you must earn points in 2018 based on the following points structure:


    TOTAL POINTS Biometrics Screening/Wellness Assessment (required) Activities Points Date Eligible for Health Plans
    200 120 80 Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2018
    160 120 40 Apr 1 – Jun 30, 2018
    0 0 0 Jul 1 – Dec 31, 2018
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