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    Biometric Screenings

    Schedule Your Biometric Screening Bring your health plan ID card the day of your biometric screening.

    The Ascend To Wholeness Healthcare Plans have partnered with Interactive Health to provide a biometric screening for all employees and spouses. There is no cost to you for the onsite biometric screening.

    Steps to Schedule Your Screening

    1. Go to
      Login: ascend  Password: healthy
    2. Once logged in into the Ascend to Wholeness portion of the site with the above credentials, click on create a new account.
    3. Enter your email address and the PIN (DOB) to register and then login.
    4. Click on create a new appointment.
    5. Browse the locations by state or scroll down to look for the time and place where you choose to take your biometric screening.
    6. Select the location you prefer and click on create new appointment.
    7. Select the appointment time you would like and save new appointment. A confirmation email for your appointment will be sent to you.

    Schedule for your free onsite biometric health screening, which includes a finger stick blood test, body composition screening, blood pressure screening, and onsite health coaching.

    Confidentiality: We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. The Ascend to Wholeness Healthcare Plans and its partners adhere to all HIPAA privacy regulations. No personally identifiable health information will be shared with your employer, including the Human Resources department, managers, supervisors or other non-health plan employees. Your employer receives only aggregated statistics, stripped of identifying information.

    Biometric Screening Documents



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