What's New?

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Please take note of the following enhancements to the 2020 Ascend to Wholeness healthcare plans. We hope you enjoy these benefits and they support you on your wellness and prevention journey.


Telehealth Services — Talk to a doctor or a behavioral therapist for FREE 24/7 on your mobile device, now with $0 copay for both Accelerate and Access plans! See Telehealth for more information.

  • UPDATE: $0 copay for both Accelerate and Access plan members!
  • Why: Free access to a physician 24/7 for members. 
Nutritional Counseling — Meet face-to-face with a nutritionist to create new healthy habits to help manage diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or just to reach your wellness goals, no diagnosis needed! 
  • UPDATE: 5 visits per plan year no pre-certification needed. More than 5 visits require pre-certification. Accelerate Plan $0 copay. Access Plan $10 copay. 
  • Why: Better access to wellbeing resources with less restrictions for members. 
Durable Medical Equipment — Covered cost limit removed for purchasing equipment to assist someone as a result of an illness or injury, such as a wheelchair or hospital bed. 
  • UPDATE: $8,000 yearly limit removed. The threshold for needing Pre-Certification to purchase equipment increased from $1,500 to $2000. 
  • Why: More help obtaining needed equipment to properly handle a condition/illness for members. 
Skilled Nursing — 120-day plan year max limit removed for Skilled Nursing care used for rehabilitation. 
  • UPDATE: 120-day plan year max limit removed. This benefit is now based on medical necessity and pre-certification is required.
  • Why: More time for recovery for members. 


Orthodontic Benefit — age limit increased from 24 to 26 for orthodontic care for both Access and Accelerate healthcare plans. 
  • UPDATE: Members and covered family members may use the orthodontic benefit up to age 26. 
  • Why: More time to get orthodontic care for members and their families.


Prescription Savings Program — Save on prescription costs with SaveOn co-pay assistance program.
  • UPDATE: For some specialty drugs, the manufacturer offers rebates that reduce the member co-pay to $0. The Plan has partnered with SaveOn through Express Scripts to bring you this savings opportunity. SaveOn will contact eligible members and enroll them.
  • Why: Cost savings opportunities for members.
Prescription Safety Program – Free opioid management.
  • UPDATE: The Plan has partnered with Express Scripts to provide free opioid management to members of both Access and Accelerate healthcare plans. Express Scripts will reach out to eligible members and enroll them.
  • Why: Free opioid management for members.

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