Points Requirements

The Wellness Portal is where members can manage, enter and track activities points. Moreover, it is where they find biometric screenings test results, and take the wellness assessments. As an Accelerate Plan member, you, and your spouse if applicable, must each earn 200 points between September 1, 2018 and July 31, 2019 to qualify for the 2020 plan.

Points are Easy to Earn!

Start by:

  • Participating in the free Biometric Screening offered through your employer by July 31 (60 points).
  • Taking a Wellness Assessment online by July 31 (60 points).
  • Completing Wellness Activities by July 31 (80 points). Points can easily be accrued through:
    • Preventive care such as dental cleaning, an annual physical exam, or vaccinations.
    • Healthy lifestyle habits, including tracking your steps, exercise, water intake or food and weight logs.
    • Wellness webinars that span an array of important and informative health topics.

Choose the activities you enjoy that meet your specific needs. There are options for everyone!

Log into the Wellness portal to learn more. 

Looking for the Wellness Assessment?

Log into the Wellness portal. Look for this pink tile and click on it.

Ascend to Wholeness Healthcare Plans are the employer-provided health care plans for employees of the Seventh-day Adventist® church based in the United States. Adventist Risk Management,® Inc. is the healthcare plan administrator for the Ascend to Wholeness Healthcare Plans. We encourage you and your family to take an active role in your wellbeing. As a healthier team, we all benefit from overall lower health costs and increased energy at work and at home. We are best able to fulfill our mission when we start with ourselves

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