Group Basic Life

  • Active full-time employees, their spouses, and dependents are eligible as defined in the Health Care Assistance Policy.
  • Each employee has:
    • $100,000 of coverage for employee
    • $50,000 for spouse
    • $10,000 for each dependent child
    • $750 for stillborn childs
    Group Life Insurance includes funeral planning assistance services. Download the flyer to learn more.

    Everest Funeral Planning Services


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  • Locate the claim form needed on the Voya Claims Center website. Follow instructions on claim form for completing form. Forward the claim form, a certified death certificate, a copy of the insured's enrollment documentation, and any beneficiary changes, to the address listed on the claim form.
  • Follow instructions on the enrollment form to enroll a new hire or current employee.
  • Basic Group Life Insurance has a provision to convert your current coverage, or a lesser amount of the face value, to an individual policy without requiring Evidence of Insurability (EOI). To convert, you must submit a completed Life Conversion Information Request form to VOYA (ReliaStar Life) within 31 days of your retirement/term date. There is a minimum conversion amount of $10,000.
  • File a Claims: PO Box 1548, Minneapolis, MD 55440.

    Toll-free: 888-238-4840

    Overnight Mailing Address: 20 Washington Ave. So, Minneapolis, MN 55401

    Fax: 612-492-0662

    Email: Anita Larson,

    Download the Voya Administration Manual