2018 Open Enrollment

2018 Plan Options

Careful study and effort have gone into the redesign of the new health plans. Effective January 1, 2018, NAD employers are offering two choices which include new features and enhanced customer service.

The plans enable members to get the right care at the right time to avoid preventable conditions as well as manage conditions that may already exist. They are not designed to discriminate against the sick to deny them care. Quite the contrary: the health plans are designed to extend preventive services and care coordination to those who are most in need.

The Accelerate Plan – (modeled after the Legacy Plan) offers industry-best practice benefits at the best value in exchange for activity-based member engagement, integrated wellness and care coordination in partnership with Adventist Health. This plan also adds lifestyle management programs such as CHIP, Full Plate and Weight Watchers.

The Access Plan – (modeled after the Standard Plan) provides quality, market-competitive benefits but no requirement for participation from members.

What Are The Requirements for the Accelerate Plan?

For 2018, there are no participation requirements for the Accelerate Plan.

To enroll in 2019, you and your covered spouse must participate in the Ascend to Wholeness whole-person care program and complete the following health stewardship activities during 2018, to better understand your own health status:

  • biometrics screening,
  • online wellness assessment,
  • earn activity points,
  • participate in personalized health coaching and/or care coordination services as needed.

Ascend to Wholeness

Robust whole-person care designed to support you by:

  • enhancing balanced well-being in mind, body and spirit,
  • encouraging positive life choices,
  • investing in you through valuable new services,
  • demonstrating to outside communities that implementing our Seventh-day Adventist health message into an employee benefit can improve wellness.

Your NAD employer is enhancing benefits with tools to augment your lifestyle to get or stay healthy, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

2018 Accelerate Plan Points Requirements

Care Coordination Program

You can earn points toward Accelerate Plan requirements in several ways. Your biometrics screening and wellness assessment count toward the following plan year. You can also earn activities points through preventative care, healthy lifestyle habits and wellness webinars.

Important Dates to Remember

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