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Long-Term Disability

  • All employees in active employment with the employer in the United States or on temporary assignment for up to 1 year in Guam. You must be an employee of the employer and in an eligible class. Temporary and seasonal workers are excluded from coverage. Minimum hours requirement at least 20 hours per week or more, determined by your employer.
  • After a 90-day elimination period income is replaced at 66.67 percent to a maximum of $6,000 per month.
    Refer to your Policy Booklet for specific elimination period and income replacement percentage.
  • Contact your human resources department to file claims for this coverage.
  • This benefit is provided to eligible employees by your employer.
  • Contact your human resources department to learn more.
    • Can I work part-time and still receive benefits?
    • Our policies will allow employees to work part-time while on claim. Typically, an employee will need to have a certain percentage of their earnings lost to disability for a claim to remain active.
    • How do i know if i would qualify for LTD benefits?
    • If you have been or will be absent from work due to an injury or sickness for more than a month, you should speak to your human resources department. They will be able to help you assess if you should proceed with filing a claim.
    • What is the LTD benefit?
    • If approved for LTD, the policy will pay a portion of your pre-disability income for as long as you remain disabled or until you reach your normal retirement age.
    • Who is eligible for LTD?
    • All North American Division full-time employees are eligible.