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Short-term Income Protection Benefits

  • Short-term Income Protection benefit is available if offered by your employer to full-time hourly employee within the North American Division. Check with your employer if this product is available to you.
  • If eligible, you can purchase coverage in increments of $100, not to exceed 60% of your weekly earnings. If you are unable to work for a period of time due to a non-work-related condition, illness or injury, short term disability insurance offers financial protection by paying you a portion of your earnings. 
  • Please call Hartford at 866-547-4205 to file a claim.
  • Online enrollment is available during open enrollment and as a new hire.
  • Contact your Human Resources Department 
    Website: https://www.thehartford.com/employee-benefits/employees
    Phone: 1-877-426-6483
    • Am I guaranteed coverage?
    • This insurance is guaranteed issue coverage – it is available without having to provide information about you or your family’s health.  All you have to do is elect the coverage to become insured.
    • Will my benefit be reduced for any reason?
    • No, your benefits will not be reduced for reasons such as: Social Security, other employer-based insurance coverage you may have, settlements or judgement for income loss, unemployment benefits ore retirement benefits that your employer fully or partially pays for.