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Long-Term Disability

  • The Long Term Disability (LTD) benefit per NAD Working Policy (Y 33 20) requires a minimum of 35 hours per week. 
  • After a 90-day elimination period income is replaced at 66.67 percent to a maximum of $6,000 per month.
    Refer to your Policy Booklet for specific elimination period and income replacement percentage.
  • Contact your human resources department to file claims for this coverage.
  • This benefit is provided to eligible employees by your employer.
  • Contact your human resources department to learn more.
    • Can I work part-time and still receive benefits?
    • Our policies will allow employees to work part-time while on claim. Typically, an employee will need to have a certain percentage of their earnings lost to disability for a claim to remain active.
    • How do i know if i would qualify for LTD benefits?
    • If you have been or will be absent from work due to an injury or sickness for more than a month, you should speak to your human resources department. They will be able to help you assess if you should proceed with filing a claim.
    • What is the LTD benefit?
    • If approved for LTD, the policy will pay a portion of your pre-disability income for as long as you remain disabled or until you reach your normal retirement age.
    • Who is eligible for LTD?
    • All North American Division full-time employees are elgibile.