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Travel Assistance

  • This service is provided at no charge to employees, spouses, or dependents covered by Group Basic Life Insurance.
  • When traveling more than 100 miles, VOYA Travel Assistance offers you and your dependents four types of services:
    • Pre-Trip Information
    • Emergency Personal Services
    • Medical Assistance Services
    • Emergency Transportation Services
    The Premium Travel Risk Intelligence Portal features information and tools to support travelers before and during their trips abroad. The site contains real-time destination-based health, security and travel-related information including: 
    • Country and city risk ratings and profiles
    • Health, medical, safety, and security reports per locale
    • Mitigation tips and consulate contacts
    • Information on business conduct, transportation, holidays, currency exchange rates, etc.
    • News and real-time security alerts
    • General travel tips
    A variety of tools have also been integrated within the portal to minimize inconvenience during trips and support travelers in an emergency. These include:
    • Drug translator that can be used to find the foreign equivalent of a U.S. drug
    • Medical terms translator to facilitate communicating with medical personnel in foreign locations
    • Medical provider search to look up hospitals and doctors in a given locale
    • International calling code search to obtain the code to dial from one country to another
    • Call Me Back feature so that travelers can contact the Europ Assistance USA (EA USA) assistance center and receive a call back within a defined time, particularly useful if you have difficulty calling EA collect or making international calls
    • Emergency number look up for finding the foreign equivalent of 911
    • An Emergency Profile that provides you with a convenient, online, secure repository to store and access your essential health, contact and travel information along with important documents and images
    • Push Alerts that allow travelers to opt in to receive the latest risk alerts and advisories on their countries of interest by subscribing to receive Country, Regional, or Live Trip Alerts via email.
  • This benefit is free for employees who are covered by Group Basic Life Insurance provided by your employer.
  • To register, go to http://www.imglobal.com/member/login, and create an account.

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    You can also call (317) 659-5841

    Email: assist@imglobal.com