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Accidental Death and Dismemberment

  • You are eligible to purchase this coverage if you are an Adventist Church organization employee within the North American Division working a minimum of 19 hours a week. Coverage may be elected at any time during eligibility.
  • If eligible, you can purchase coverage in the following amounts as requested by you and approved by VOYA:
    • $10,000 to $500,000 for the employee
    • 100% or less of the employee amount for spouse
    • $10,000 to $25,000 each for dependent children
  • Contact your human resources department to file claims for this coverage.
  • Eligible employees may buy this coverage through your employer. Payment is deducted from your payroll after taxes. Contact your human resources department to learn more.
  • Contact your human resources department to learn more about this product.
    • Can I get coverage if I have a health problem?
    • Yes. There is no medical underwriting or medical exam required to purchase AD&D insurance.
    • Do I need AD&D insurance?
    • While you may have life insurance, AD&D insurance provides extra benefits such as loss of a limb or loss of sight. AD&D is a cost-effective way to cover expenses resulting from accidents.
    • Do the rates increase over time?
    • No. Unlike some life insurance plans, your rate will not increase just because you get older. However, rates are not guaranteed for the life of the plan. Rates can be increased by the carrier.